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Serving the Healthcare Industry for 25 Years!

The Keller Information Systems Company

Keller Information Systems has developed and marketed a Time and Attendance system designed specifically for the long-term care (nursing home) and acute care (hospital) markets.  We are on our fourth generation product and have been serving our market for the past 25 years. These markets have a number of very specific time management needs (multiple shifts, staggered start times, shift differentials, multiples departments, individual overtime definitions, different rounding rules) that have allowed us to create a unique and targeted product.

The typical nursing home we target has 125 employees and 40 beds.  We typically encourage one data terminal for every 125 employees.  We are currently promoting additional terminals that allow a facility to place terminals closer to areas that have high concentration of employees.  Employees are then restricted to punching on a data terminal nearest their work area.  This allows the facility to capture the “travel time” normally lost when an employee punches in near an entry point and is not available for work until they reach their work area.

Our hospital market is the mid to small sized facilities.  This is typically 500 employees or less.  Our real feature for hospitals is the ability to allocate an employee’s time at the end of the day rather than forcing an employee to go to a terminal as they move from department to department.  This is a feature truly unique to the Keller system.

In December 2006 Keller entered into a strategic relationship with Redwing Software to provide a payroll solution for our customer base.  Keller now has the ability to provide a complete payroll solution from punch in to pay check.

In the fall of 2007 we added a scheduling system to our solution.  Beginning at the “block” level and expanding to the pay period level scheduling individual employees, shifts and departments has been reduced to a simple “drag and drop” process with a “pick list” level to fine tune the schedule to the employee level.

In the first quarter of 2008 the final piece will be complete, our Dashboard.  This will allow for the easy presentation of data in multiple chart formats to provide simple comparison of a wide range of information.

We have enjoyed growing with the assistance of our customers over the past 25 years.  We look forward to providing you with a complete solution for your Time and Attendance, Payroll, Scheduling and Dashboard needs in the near future.

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