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All software is written to use the Windows operating software and to utilize an facility’s existing network. 

Timeclock:  Our timeclock software is written in Visual Basic and runs on a standard terminal running Windows.  This terminal can either be dedicated to the specific task of being a timeclock, or it can run as an application on an

existing machine.  Our IT-3000 configuration is a dedicated PC provided by Keller that does nothing but act as a time terminal.  If a facility wishes, they can purchase their own dedicated terminals and install our software on it.

Our SoftClocks are timeclock software installed as an application on an existing computer.  This allows a customer maximum use of their hardware and provides a very cost effect system for their facility.

Scheduling:  Our scheduling software also uses the Windows operating system and a facility’s network to provide easy access to all scheduling features to any manager that needs them.

Payroll: The Red Wing payroll system is also designed to take full advantage of the Windows operating system and a facility network.  Our version is provided as a five (5) user version to provide maximum flexibility of the payroll system.

Dashboard:  The Windows software allows Dashboard features to be quickly and easily access by any manager on the facility’s network. 

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