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CenterPoint Payroll for Healthcare Option

 Experience and Expertise

 Red Wing Software, Inc. has been developing payroll and accounting software since 1979. Their  experience in developing software and supporting their payroll customers has provided us the expertise necessary to provide a software option that is easy to use for a beginner, and elaborate enough to handle the widest variety of needs.

 Versatile - Yet Easy Setup

With the correct setup, payroll software can drastically reduce your processing time, saving your company money. CenterPoint Payroll for Healthcare comes standard with tools and Wizards to help you set up your payroll software correctly and easily right from the start. For more complex needs, fields and codes are designed to be easily customizable.

Paying Employees has Never Been so Easy -

Paying your employees becomes an easy process in CenterPoint Payroll for Healthcare. Choose to enter detailed timesheets, or easily enter details by using pay defaults or pull hours directly from the Keller time system. Select salaried employees separate from hourly employees or select only employees with time clock entries or select only those employees paid bi-weekly versus weekly. Save time by copying a previous pay run and using it as a starting point for a current pay run. You can even have more than one pay run in process at the same time, allowing, for example, pay runs for separate departments. With CenterPoint Payroll, paying employees becomes a simplified process, making pay day a lot less stressful for you!

New Technology

Built with the newest technology, CenterPoint Payroll for Healthcare is a Microsoft® .NET Framework-based application. It ensures the data security and reliability that is crucial for payroll software. Screens are intuitive, and the menu structure follows standard Microsoft® formats. Personalized menus and shortcuts can be set up and modified to suit your needs, so you can quickly get the information you need.

Customer Care is our Top Priority

Red Wing Software staff is known as both professional and personable. When you call for help or to suggest a new product feature, you receive our personal attention. We never outsource your questions to an off-shore call center. We offer Customer Care plans with guaranteed response times, so you get your questions answered quickly and get your payroll done on time. We offer a variety of training options, including sessions at our facility in Red Wing, Minnesota. Web training is also available, or you can choose to have a trainer come to your site to help with training and/or implementation.

Designed to be Second Nature

CenterPoint Payroll for Healthcare software makes it easy for users to understand how to set up employees, enter time and run reports. Time-saving features allow you to spend less time in the office.

Automated Generation of State and Federal Tax Forms

Remember the days of filling in your tax forms by hand? CenterPoint Payroll for Healthcare makes that a thing of the past! All forms are included in the system. When you are ready to generate your forms, the system will fill in all the necessary information for you. You can then choose to print them on blank paper, or eFile the forms directly from the system. Streamline your tax filing processes even further by choosing the complete fulfillment
option—also directly from the system!

Powerful Payroll Options Standard

Because each company's payroll is different, we have included powerful payroll options standard in the system for you to choose from. You can make the most of your payroll system by using these options right away, or add them down the line whenever you choose. All state and federal forms are included, along with flexible eFiling options. Direct deposit can be done through your own bank, potentially saving your company thousands
of dollars per year. Time entry can be done via hours worked or start/stop time, or you can import time from almost any time clock. You can set up unlimited companies or employers within a database, save unlimited history, have unlimited users, and set up an unlimited number of userdefined fields, giving you the flexibility your company needs.

Go Beyond Basic Payroll

CenterPoint Payroll for Healthcare offers a wide range of additional tools that can help your company increase efficiency, reduce costs, and access the information you need at your fingertips!

Project Tracking

Keep track of individual employee payroll expenses by tracking them to projects. Tracking projects can quickly help you see how much labor expense you have by project, keeping your project on budget. You can set up as many projects as you like.


Set up reminders in the system to remind you when processes are due. For example, set up a reminder to pay your Federal Tax Liability account when it is greater than zero. This tool can help ensure timely payments and avoid costly penalty fees.

Multiple Screen Viewing

Save processing time by being able to have multiple screens open at the same time. For example, if you are in the middle of time entry and need to run a report right away, just open another screen and run the report! No need to exit one screen and start over.

Bilingual Check Stubs

You have the option of setting up pay stubs in an unlimited number of languages, helpful for companies with employees that speak foreign languages.

Customizable User Interface

Save valuable time and keep on task by setting up your use interface showing only those menu selections you use most often in a Desktop "Quick List".

Store Employee Documents

Keep all of your employee information at your fingertips by setting up links to employee photos, and an unlimited number of documents, such as their resume, application, W4, etc.

Additional Keller Interface Files

 For those prospective customers that already have a payroll system they are satisfied with, Keller has an interface for you.  Over the past 20 years, Keller has interfaces to a number of different payroll ventors. These Dairyland, Ceridian, Melyx, Meditec, HIS, APD, Achieve as well as individual county and state payroll systems. In the event an interface does not exist, we will be more than happy to create an interface specifically for your application.

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