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Serving the Healthcare Industry for 25 Years!

Focused on Healthcare

  The Keller System time management and payroll solution is focused on the needs of the healthcare industry – PERIOD!  We are familiar with the unique requirements of varied shifts, multiple departments, varied shift differential and multi-floored facilities.

  We have spent over two decades listening from hospitals and care facilities that we serve and our system reflects their unique needs.

  Our payroll solution, powered by Redwing Software, has been configured to integrate with our unique time management system to provide a complete solution, from employee punch to payroll check.

 Configured at  the Employee Level

 Health care facilities, whether a hospital, clinic or care facility, have a unique payroll problem – employees. They work all hours of the day and night, weekends and holidays.  And, while they may work side-by-side in the same department, their individual payroll setup may well be different.  Each may start their shift at a different time, take their lunch in a different way, be paid overtime differently, have their payroll day start at a different time, have unique rounding rules or be paid at different shift-differential rates.

  Complex??  You bet, but simply part of the Keller Systems ability to configure each and every employee according to their individual needs.

Allocation at the end of the day (AAEOD)

 An employee’s responsibility is to server the patient.  When a nurse is running to the emergency room there is simply no time to find a timeclock, change departments and reach the patient quickly.

  Yet, it is important to know how a facility’s resources are being spent and that the labor charged to the emergency room should be captured quickly and easily.

   The Keller “Allocation at the End of the Day” feature is the solution to gathering this information.  At the end of the day, when the employee’s workday is complete, they can quickly and easily distribute their time between their assigned departments.  We are the only time management system that will easily capture an employee’s time while allowing them to quickly respond to unexpected demands on their time.

 Competitively Priced

 Our time management system makes maximum use of existing computer technology to deliver the most efficient, complete and competitively priced product available for the healthcare market today.

  You can quickly and easily use our Softclock option to integrate our system to your exiting computer terminals.  Or, you can purchase state-of-the-art touch-screen systems that can be easily included in your facility network. 

 The result?  The most comprehensive time management and payroll solution and a very affordable price. Dollar for dollar, we blow the competition away!  

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