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  Streamline payroll preparation, improve management control, communicate directly with employees, display a wide range of information with the Keller Time System and integrate with Red Wing’s CenterPoint Payroll for Healthcare

  The Keller Time system incorporates four elements to gather, manage and generate your facility payroll. These are the employee data terminal, the management software, and optional payroll module and a complete array of payroll interface modules.

Data Terminals

 The Keller Time system can utalize the IT-3000 data terminal to gather employee information, or it can use existing desktop systems through the Keller SoftClock  

The left side of the screen become the input terminal and can either use the touchscreen on the IT-3000 or the keyboard on the desktop system to gather employee data. 

 Additional buttons can be added to display a facility home page, a facility calendar, custom links to facility web based software and various employee reports. 


Number of Employees


Hours worked per Pay Period


Hourly Pay Rate


Number of Pay Periods



Bi-Weekly Payroll


Monthly Payroll


Annual Payroll


Travel Time Savings

Minutes per day saved


Average cost per minute


Savings per day


Savings per Pay Period


Savings per Year


 Through the use of a combination of IT-3000s and SoftClocks, multiple data terminals can easily and quickly be installed throughout a facility, using the existing facility network and allowing employees to be tied to terminals in the areas they work.  This allows a facility to recover the “travel time” between the time an employee punches in and the time it takes them to reach their work area. 

This can be a significant amount of money in a year, as the following spreadsheet shows:

By saving as little as 3 minutes of travel time per day per employee, a facility can save over $27,000 easily allowing a facility to pay for our system in a year.

Manager Main Menu

Keller Manager

 The Keller Manager allows a facility to easily input employees, configure our system, edit employee punches, input vacation and other special day entries, and then output various reports and a payroll export file.

    Activity Reports — These detail the time-clock activities by individual employee or by department.  Monitoring these reports can help you reduce costly overtime and improve scheduling.

     Tardy/Early Reports — Quickly determine if a management problem is developing.

     Employee records — The convenient way to store personal data, emergency information,  continuing education hours, lunches, absences, tardiness, promotions and more.

     Productivity Reports — These give you an accounting of all productive and non-productive activities and hours by employee, department or pay code.

     Employee Management Reports — Want to know all employees who worked a given number of overtime hours during a certain period? Or, all employees with a birthday on a given date?  These reports allow you to define any search parameters you wish.  They quickly provide information that might otherwise take many hours to compile.

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